Increasingly becoming more overweight over the years, as if this is our inevitable destiny, we are now at sharply increased risk of  being diagnosed with diabetes, coronary heart disease or cancer. Most of the time being weary, tense or anxious, we tend to procrastinate everything in our lives until the very last moment or sometimes even later. Time goes by with a sense of being drifted in a furious river. Our own reflected image on the mirror terrifies us every now and then. A sense of “missing the life” bites from inside, which only gives rise to another habitual reaction of flight or procrastination. Obviously there is a need for change.  Right now.  A hopeless try to reach out and change the way we live just proves not sustainable and efficient.  Body, health and life never manage to take priority over other earthly matters. “They are to be sacrificed” our minds verdict “You have much to do before”. Moreover body is found guilty for not being in good shape or healthy. Every once in a while a burst of motivation for change emerges within. More than enough time has been lost so far and needs to be made up for swiftly.  Another desperate struggle for weight loss only adds up to the preexisting and already piled-up stress.  Another piece of paper attached to our hands namely a diet list is no holy text as we wish it to be. It only helps us gain more kilograms and leaves us more disappointed. Shortly we get far behind where we had started. Is there a solution? If there is, where?