Cognita is a program specifically developed to reinforce the competency of people who are in need of a sustained and profound change in their lifestyles. Target clientele are those people who gain weight in an uncontrolled manner and those who are unable to achieve permanent and meaningful weight loss despite intensive efforts. Also welcome are diabetic patients, people who are at risk of developing diabetes and those only want to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. That is to say just anybody is eligible for changing the way she/he lives with Cognita.  Cognita is neither a diet nor a training program. It is not an imposed pattern of living or a faith. Cognita is a philosophy that claims general health including healthy weight can only be achieved by freeing the mind from shackles by improving its capacity to stay in the present moment. Cognita aims at reconciling mind and body which often fall apart in the chaos of our daily lives and renders them communicate more efficiently.  This, we believe is the only way of achieving one’s maximum potential.