Mindfulness is being present “here and now”. Seeing everything around and inside of us as they really are and accepting them without judgment. This has a profound calming effect on our minds and makes our lives more content and full. Mindfulness is living “now” without settling up with the past events and future worries. Chain reactions of worrisome and pessimistic thoughts most of which are fabricated by the mind itself, constantly give birth to unpleasant feelings to form vicious cycles.  Unless we calm down the storm in our minds it is not possible get away from stress, have healthy relationships with foods and environment and get pleasure out of motion and living. Mindfulness paves the way to content, happy and healthy lives. Ability to come to and stay in “now” can be improved considerably with the regular practice of mindfulness meditations. Scientific evidence shows this is a very efficient way of coping with and getting rid of stress. Mindfulness practices lead to healthy eating behavior and weight loss, better blood glucose and pressure control in diabetic and hypertensive patients, improvement in brain function and reduced risk Alzheimer’s disease along with many other health benefits. Mindfulness is unequivocally recognized by the contemporary medicine as a healing tool with its widespread applications in various fields to enhance mental and physical health. Cognita uses mindfulness to change people’s lifestyles.