Overwhelmed by the continuous rain of messages from business life, personal relationships, e-mails, telephone calls, invoices, banks, traffic, news, ads, deadlines and pending agendas, our minds are evermore disconnected with our bodies. Brain receives and processes these inputs, gives them meanings and labels, fiercely fights with some of them and runs away from the others. The flee response is no remedy though, they nevertheless catch us eventually. This is what we simply call “stress”. Once in a while we temporarily manage to change our mind and decide to go on a diet and attend a gym to be more beautiful and healthy but that not only proves useless but also adds up to the previous stress. Perhaps we can’t stop the rain of messages but can change the way we handle and process them. Only way to stop them harming us is a state of mind that understands and accepts stress sources as they actually are. This is what Cognita is about. Occasional solitude in the nature has a long lasting resetting effect on our mind and body. Just like spicing up the precious life. Cognita Nomad is a one week retreat camp in spectacular natural settings. Without time constraints and daily life’s shackles we practice coming to and staying in the moment, hearing our inner eating signals and moving freely in nature. A great opportunity to look inside of our minds without any distracters. Permanent change is more than likely.