Cognita is a program specifically developed to reinforce the competency of people who are in need of a sustained and profound change in their lifestyles. This eight week program consists of three different pieces which complete each other to have a positive impact on people’s lives. First piece is revealing a calm and stress-free mind using mindfulness meditations which is capable of coming to and staying in the present moment.  Second part focuses on eating behavior and improves the ability to hear our inner voices such as biological hunger that is the actual pleasure we get out of eating. The last piece is about motion, physical improvement, increasing motivation and information on giving right impulses to our body for growth, performance and weight loss. Over this period we get together in small groups on the same day of the week at the same time. Each gathering lasts about 2 hours and includes all three of mindfulness meditations, nutrition and motion. Throughout Cognita you will notice that your life begins to change remarkably but the more profound change is expected occur after finishing the whole program. Cognita promises to show you how to focus on your mind and body, improving the quality of your contact with foods, your moving body and the world around you.  Health, pleasure and healthy weight are all within easy reach.